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CB-GREEN: Cross-Border – Green Renewable & Energy Efficiency Network

1. 4. 2015. DURATION FROM
31. 3. 2017. DURATION UNTIL

Overall objective

To protect and preserve the environment and encourage the sustainable use of natural resources in border regions of Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton through joint actions and awareness rising campaigns on energy efficiency and renewable energy system utilization in public sector.

Specific objective

To improve energy management system in local communities and to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy systems in cross-border area trough joint initiative of partners from Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

Estimated results

  • established effective cross-border partnership for improving energy management system in local communities;
  • defined sustainable energy policy for Zadar, Neum and Mostar;
  • created EE&RES projects network for Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton;
  • organised and/or strengthened EE teams and EE info points within local government of Zadar, Neum and Mostar;
  • improved managing and technical capacities of public institutions in implementing EE&RES;
  • implemented new EE&RES technologies on demonstrative locations in Zadar and Neum;
  • raised awareness on energy efficiency, and sustainable use of natural resources in cross-border area

Specific outputs for each location

Vladimir Nazor and Queen Jelena Madijevka parks
Outputs: removed old lightning systems in (108 lamps); set up new LED lightning systems (108 lamps); 60-70% energy savings, reduction in emission of CO2 by 60-70%

Neum promenade and peninsula Klek
Neum – city promenade: 1 LED lightning system implemented on 300 m of promenade; 60-70% reduction in emission of CO2 and decrease in energy consumption on promenade; 60 new EE lights, 84 replacements of old ones
Peninsula Klek (Neum): 1 solar energy system implemented in peninsula Klek; 15 solar lightning poles constructed with batteries and other necessary equipment; implementing of solar system reduces emission of CO2 by 100%


Lead partners